About Anchor Bolt Foundation

About Anchor Bolt Foundation

About Anchor Bolt Foundation

“It is important to embed the anchor bolt in a correct position” we always remind our clients when they make the foundation for different kinds of steel buildings.

Every steel building we make will offer a foundation drawing,it shows exactly the position of each anchor bolt,and the clients just follow our drawing can build up the building successfully.

Recently,one of our client in the Philippines bought a steel structure warehouse 912m2 from us, but he made a wrong foundation, we offer some suggestions to help him solve this problem accordingly.

The problem is the warehouse is not every column distance is center to center,but our client had made all the columns center to center,if install it in this way,the two end beams will short and the roof purlin,wall purlin and tie rod will also short.

We have given him some solutions:
1)Rebuilt the foundation,set up the new anchor bolts for the 2 sides columns
2)Move the 2 sides column,then use Chemical bolt to connect the column instead of anchor bolt
3)Increase the column bracket or increase the beam,but need to also increase the tie rod, and the purlin can try to use,may not need to increase but the holes for connected can not fit,so he must welding the roof and wall purlin in two sides.

At last,our client chose the 3rd solution to increase the beam,so we make a drawing for the increase part for him to make it in his local.

Even some materials are also needed to revise, but our client was satisfied with the solution, and continue to build up the warehouse successfully. We all happy with it.