Advantages of container construction.

Advantages of container construction.

Compared with traditional buildings, what are the advantages of container construction?
1. Container modular construction, low cost, less than 30% than traditional construction;

2. The degree of factory prefabrication is over 80%, which reduces construction and decoration waste by about 99% compared with traditional construction methods;

3. Modular splicing construction, fast, short construction period, saving more than 40% of construction time than traditional buildings;

4. There is no requirement for the foundation, just flatten and harden;

5. The approval procedures are simple, even without approval;

6. Standard shipping container, sturdy and durable, two times higher than the safety factor of conventional buildings, weather-resistant steel, special anti-rust paint surface, resistant to strong winds of magnitude 10 and earthquakes of magnitude 8;

7. It can be moved, relocated and recycled according to business requirements;

8. Compared with the brick-concrete structure building, the usable area is increased by 4%;

9. Compared with brick-concrete structure houses, water consumption is only 1/30;

10. The appearance design is more creative and more eye-catching;