Analysis of the advantages of the new prefabricated all steel structure building

Analysis of the advantages of the new prefabricated all steel structure building

With seismic performance

The collapse rate of steel structure buildings in the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico in 1985 was much lower than that of concrete buildings. The damage statistics of the 7.1 magnitude Hanshin Earthquake in Japan in 1995 also showed the same result.
In 2015, Tongji University conducted a three-story full-scale test of the layered frame system. It showed that after the structure experienced an earthquake acceleration of 0.62g (equivalent to a 9-degree earthquake), the rest of the structure was intact except for the seismic support.

Analysis of Fabricated Steel Structure Nodes

At present, the beam-column joints of fabricated steel structures are mainly connected by bolt welding. However, bolted joints are recommended for fabricated steel structures. The advantages of bolted connection (soldering-free connection) are:
1) Fast installation speed;
2) It is easier to control the construction quality.
3) On-site welds are the main parts of steel structures that are prone to corrosion (improper handling of the paint on-site). The full bolt connection can avoid such parts, and all the paint can be painted by the factory, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the steel structure .
For example, it is suitable for cold-formed thin-wall systems of houses with three floors or less, through self-tapping nails and other connectors, it has been realized that there is no welding seam on site. The layered frame system also adopts full bolt connection, which greatly improves the construction speed. Tongji University has conducted multiple sets of experiments on beam-column nodes using single-sided bolts. The experimental results show that the end-plate-connected beam-column nodes that meet certain conditions can meet the requirements of rigid connection.

Enclosure system

For prefabricated buildings, the enclosure system is a key factor. The steel structure system must cooperate closely with the enclosure system and be in harmony. For example, the frequently used square column + external wall panel system is a mature building structure system when used in office buildings, but when used in residential buildings, it will cause residents to have a negative impact on prefabricated buildings because they are used to shear forces. Chinese residents of wall structure do not want to see beams and corner pillars indoors. In addition, structural issues such as detailed handling of sound bridges are also key technologies for fabricated steel structures.