Irregular Shape Factory Building

Irregular Shape Factory Building

During these years, we had made thousands of steel structure building, steel structure warehouse and steel structure workshop, most of them were square or rectangular shapes, last month we got an order from our Nigeria client, that is an irregular shape factory building, and except for this, there is also an existing building need to join with this new one, the plan is in this shape:

The size:58.5mx108.233mx8m(H)
About 140 tons
Wind load is 110km/h
Mezzanine floor load: 300kg/m2

At the very beginning, we explained to our client that it took more time to design(make the drawing)and need more time to produce than the regular shape building. Because the two sides of the plant are beveled, the angle should be considered. The columns and beams on both sides need to be designed independently because they are not on the same level.

And also we need to considered how to connect the new building with the existing building with no water leaking problem.

In order to avoid mistakes, our engineers spent nearly a week to finish a complete set of drawings, including foundation drawing, structural analysis drawing, 3D structural drawing, and fabrication drawings, to customers for confirmation. And the client has a good evaluation of us. Cheerful.

These there were the 3D structural drawing made by our engineer, is it amazing?
Our engineer team has at least 10 years experience of in steel structure design.No matter how difficult the projects are, we still have confidence that we can complete them as required.

We will keep on updating you with this project progress and share it with you. Thank you.