steel building foundation conctruction work

steel building foundation conctruction work

Steel building foundation work

People always say Good habits are the foundation of success.
Since we are children, we have been started to teach how the importance of the foundation.

A steel building, also need to start with a proper and strong and foundation, because it is an incredibly important function that can avoid major problems.

Before the foundation is poured, the local civil construction engineer needs to check the site soil data and evaluate the local soil quality and the column position in this drawing to determine the foundation making method.

There are 3 comment types of foundation systems:

  1. concrete slab foundation
  2. Perimeter foundation
  3. Pier foundation

Mostly, perimeter foundation is ourcommon method,lets take this for an example:
Step 1.
Build the forms before the concrete is poured.

Step 2.
Wrap the top of the anchor bolt to prevent the cement from destroying the screw threads when the concrete is poured.

Step 3.
Pour the concrete evenly, make sure all of the rebars have been fully covered no voids or air bubbles,and removed the excess concrete from the slab after pouring.

Step 4.
Remove the forms when the concrete is completely solidifie.

We can make a foundation drawing to your local civil engineer to create a strong foundation for your steel building. Call: + 86 13535848691