Steel frame glass curtain wall

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As a highly comprehensive system engineering, building energy efficiency involves the implementation of laws and regulations, building design, material selection, node structure, processing and installation, and even users' behavior habits. Only by ensuring the correct plan and strict implementation in every link, building energy efficiency is not just some beautiful concepts and selling points, but a real energy-saving building that can withstand the test of practice.
The steel frame glass curtain wall is a special field in the glass curtain wall system, which is suitable for large-span, large-space building facades and daylighting roofs. Because steel has lower thermal conductivity than aluminum alloy, a transparent, beautiful, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building facade can be realized through the selection of profiles and the construction of nodes. In addition, the excellent fire resistance of the steel frame makes the energy-saving curtain wall safe and fireproof at the same time, thus achieving the perfect unity of function and form.
In recent years, the application of glass curtain walls in architecture has become more and more extensive. As a component that displays the image of the building while assuming the building envelope structure, how the glass curtain wall saves energy has often become the focus of attention. Technically speaking, the energy saving of glass curtain wall is also a systematic project. In addition to the correct selection of the glass that occupies the largest area in the curtain wall, a suitable supporting frame system, fasteners, sealing strips, adhesives and embedded parts are also required. These interrelated components form a complete system.