Steel Frame Prefab Country House

Steel Frame Prefab Country House

No matter what size and what specific application you need, our steel structure building exactly fit your requirements.

We are now engaged the installation of the 4 leval country house:
1st floor 120m2
2nd floor 147m2
3rd floor 107m2
4th floor 141m2
Total: 515m2

House material component:
1)H section steel for column and beam,C purlin and bracing.
2)Foam concrete mixture wall system(function like brick wall)
3)Steel decking for floor plate.
4)OSB board and resin tile roof decoration
5)Steel stair with floor tile decorated covered.

Steel Frame Prefab Country House Advantage
1.Low foundation cost.
2.Short construction period on site.
3.Good structural performance, light weight, high strength, seismic resistance.
4.Steel can be recycled, more energy-saving and environmental protection than tradition concrete house.
5.The section of structural components is small, the columns are very thin, the wall is very thin, that increase the usable area of building, and making interior decoration easier.

Every steel building comes with bolts, screws, downpipes, gutters, flashing and we will offer clear drawing instructions as to where everything is to be installed to make the installation work easy.