Steel structure house | Advantages of prefabricated steel structure residence

Steel structure house | Advantages of prefabricated steel structure residence

steel structure house

Flexibility and integration of space layout

Compared with the prefabricated steel structure house and the brick-soil concrete structure house, the prefabricated steel structure not only has a light and flexible internal space construction structure and layout, but also has a very high degree of integration of the structural system. Due to the strong ductility and plasticity of the steel structure itself, the size of each compartment inside the house is enlarged, and the plane design and layout of the space are also uncertain, rejecting the load-bearing capacity of the brick-soil-concrete residential building walls. Residential users can be based on prefabricated steel structure residences according to their personal needs, which can not only be divided and re-arranged again, but also can ensure the safety and reliability of the residential structure. In addition, bid farewell to the layout of water pipes, electrical wires, and heating equipment lines in the brick-soil concrete structure design, to realize the comprehensiveness and integrity of the overall function of the indoor space, and to provide protection for its basic functions.

Convenience of residential functions

The prefabricated steel structure house reduces the focus of the house due to its lighter construction materials. However, the use of fabricated steel structure building materials does not affect the large load-bearing capacity and earthquake resistance of the residence, thereby expanding the application performance of the residence. During the construction of the prefabricated steel structure house, the load-bearing construction components of the house mainly use thin steel pipes and light steel formed by hot pressing as the main materials to ensure that the unit weight is lighter and the overall force of the building section is more scientific and reasonable. The safety performance is more superior. In addition, in order to ensure that the prefabricated steel structure residences have higher seismic and compressive resistance than the original residences, construction personnel use light-weight steel materials, which are effectively used on the walls and floors of the residences to reduce the occurrence of earthquakes. It is destructive to houses at times, and protects people’s lives and property. Because the steel itself has the characteristics of good ductility, strong plasticity, and high strength, under the premise of improving the safety of houses, the cost of raw materials for builders is also saved and reduced, which improves the economic benefits and corporate image of the enterprise.

Green and environmentally friendly energy saving effect

In the prefabricated steel structure house, the steps and links in the construction process have been reduced, and the damage and pollution to the environment have also been alleviated. During the construction of prefabricated steel structure houses, a series of on-site construction configurations not only reduce the pollution intensity of construction waste, but also reduce the noise generated during construction. In addition, the demolition materials and waste raw materials generated in the project construction site are processed in a centralized manner, and in accordance with the concept of sustainable development, they are recycled and reused to ensure the energy saving, environmental protection, and green emission reduction of the building.