The advantages of green fabricated steel structure buildings.

The advantages of green fabricated steel structure buildings.

1. Steel structure building can save resources.

The steel structure building adopts green fabricated steel structure, which can reduce the input of raw materials for production. The use of steel structure to make raw materials can reduce the input of masonry building materials and reduce the input of cement, sand, lime and other building materials. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete structures, the use of prefabricated steel structures can reduce the overall building Five-fifths of the input of labor and materials can also reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

2. Standardized production of steel structure buildings.

The steel structure building adopts the prefabricated technology, which can eliminate the impact of construction work on the building. Reduce material accumulation and improve construction schedule. Because most of the steel structure components are customized from the factory, it will not occupy the on-site construction work surface. The steel structure construction will not be affected by the environment and climate, and the construction period is short and the efficiency is high.

3. The steel structure building can be recycled.

The steel structure building has a recyclable process during the construction process. The whole prefabricated structure has a full-cycle plan at the beginning of the construction plan, which can realize the reuse of raw materials for the design, construction, demolition, and reconstruction of the building structure. Will not affect the environment, and can save energy and reduce pollutant emissions. It is worth noting that steel structure products have the advantage of recycling and reuse, which can reduce the environmental pollution caused by the construction, welding, disassembly and assembly of the building structure. The energy saving index is twice that of the reinforced concrete of the same scale. Also known as green energy-saving buildings.

4. Economy.

The prefabricated steel structure has the characteristics of short construction period, energy saving, high efficiency, low pollution and recyclable use. For the construction industry and related construction companies, the use of steel structures can comprehensively improve the effective use of funds.