What are the container building materials?

What are the container building materials?

What are the container building materials?
1. Aluminum alloy

The advantages of container houses built with aluminum alloy materials are that they are light in weight, easy to build, and very beautiful in appearance. This kind of residential container house has high corrosion resistance and good elasticity, which makes it extremely simple to operate in terms of processing. The processing and repair costs of container houses built of aluminum alloy are relatively low.

2. FRP

The advantages of container houses built with FRP materials are high strength, rigidity, and large internal volume. This kind of container house also has the characteristics of good heat insulation and chemical resistance, and the director container house made of FRP is relatively easier Cleaning, even repairing, is very easy and convenient.

3. Wood

Container houses built of wood materials have high mechanical strength, strong resistance to mechanical damage, and can withstand huge loads. Moreover, the container house supported by wood can also be recycled and reused, effectively saving costs. The after-sales container house does not rust and is green and environmentally friendly. When it becomes a waste product, it can also be used comprehensively. It is easy to construct and provide people with convenient and effective space.

4. Stainless steel

The advantages of building with steel materials are firm structure, good water tightness and high weldability. Highly evaluated residential container houses will use stainless steel for the construction of container houses. Container houses made of stainless steel have beautiful surfaces and diversified usage possibilities. They are more chemically resistant than ordinary steel, and are more durable. This material has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance and high strength, so the use of this stainless steel sheet can better achieve the purpose of fire resistance.