What are the properties and advantages of hight strength steel house?

What are the properties and advantages of hight strength steel house?

Steel structure is a commonly used structure type in construction engineering, and its construction quality level is directly related to the performance of steel materials. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the level of steel manufacturing technology has also been continuously improved, and the strength, toughness, and plasticity of steel have become higher and higher. It has gradually been applied to the actual construction of steel structure projects, which has promoted the development of my country's construction industry. Development and progress. At present, steel structures based on ultra-high-strength steel have been widely used in construction and bridge engineering abroad. my country's construction industry needs to learn from the experience of foreign construction industries, improve the application level of my country's ultra-high-strength steel, and improve the construction quality of my country's steel structure projects.

   One, performance

  Ultra-high-strength steel originated in the mid-1940s. It was manufactured by American steel manufacturing companies by quenching and low-temperature tempering of high-strength steel, with a tensile strength of 190kgf/mm. Later, with the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology, the performance level of ultra-high-strength steel has gradually improved. The production of ultra-high-strength steel in my country began in the 1950s. According to different impact toughness, ultra-high-strength steel can be divided into three categories: Q, QL, and QL1. From the point of view of chemical composition content, the three types of ultra-high-strength steels are similar. The content of carbon, silicon, manganese, nitrogen, boron, nickel and other elements are basically the same, except for the content of phosphorus and sulfur. Among them, the content of phosphorus gradually decreases with the increase of impact toughness, and the content of sulfur gradually increases with the increase of impact toughness. Ultra-high-strength steel can still resist a certain impact in a low temperature environment.

   2. Advantages

   Compared with ordinary steel produced by traditional technology, ultra-high-strength steel has the following advantages:

   1. Economic aspect. For the same type of steel components, the components made of ultra-high-strength steel are smaller in size and lighter than those made of ordinary steel. In addition, the steel components made of ultra-high-strength steel consume less material during welding, and the staff spend less physical energy, which reduces the difficulty of installation and transportation, and reduces the cost burden of the construction unit. The extensive use of ultra-high-strength steel in steel structure projects can create a wider indoor space, which is conducive to indoor layout design and virtually increases the economic benefits of steel structure buildings.

  2. The use of ultra-high-strength steel is in line with my country's sustainable development strategy. The use of ultra-high-strength steel to manufacture building components will greatly reduce the amount of steel ore resources spent. At the same time, the welding materials and various coating materials spent in the welding process will also be greatly reduced, saving various energy sources and reducing the cost of steel structure construction. Due to the penetration of environmental protection concepts, my country's construction industry has gradually begun to develop in the direction of benefit priority, resource conservation, and environmental friendliness. The large-scale application of ultra-high-strength steel is in line with this development trend in the construction industry.

   3. Conducive to the increase of gross national product. The iron and steel industry has always been a big energy consumer. While making a huge contribution to my country's economic development, it also has problems such as huge energy consumption and environmental pollution, making it difficult to further increase the output value of the iron and steel industry, and the development of the iron and steel industry is greatly hindered. According to the five-year development plan formulated by my country’s State Council: my country’s iron and steel industry must further improve the technical level of iron and steel smelting, reduce the energy consumption of iron and steel smelting, and minimize the environmental damage caused by iron and steel smelting. This creates a very good environment for the large-scale popularization and application of ultra-high-strength steel.
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