What is a steel structure room|steel structures ltd

What is a steel structure room|steel structures ltd

1. What is a steel structure room

The steel structure house is a new type of structure house, which refers to the residential building with steel as the load-bearing beam and column of the building. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other components made of section steel and steel plate, and adopts silanization, Pure manganese phosphating, washing and drying, galvanizing and other rust-removing and anti-rust processes, each component or part is usually connected by welding seams and bolts.
The steel structure house is a third-generation building. It uses H-shaped steel and thin-walled cold-formed C and Z-shaped steel combinations or building skeletons. The roof and walls are made of color-coated profiled steel. Plate or sandwich color steel plate. Steel structure houses are widely used in single-storey industrial plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, office buildings, multi-storey parking lots and residential buildings.

2. Secondary structure system of steel structure house:

Material: The steel structure adopts high-quality steel from a large domestic steel plant and meets the standard steel.
Welding: Ambient automatic welding is adopted to ensure that the size of the welding foot is uniform, and the welding bead is smooth and beautiful
Shot blasting rust removal: the steel structure is sprayed from eight directions to remove rust at the same time, which meets the Sa2.5 standard and completely removes rust stains
Painting: The surface is sprayed with anti-rust primer, the steel structure gets the best anti-rust function
Modern building system: The steel structure is optimized by advanced CAD-aided design software and processed with high-precision mechanical equipment, which can be assembled on site.
Advanced welding technology: using submerged arc automatic welding, CO2 shielded welding, and high-quality welding wire such as Tiantai welding wire to ensure the quality of the weld and the quality of the components.
Completely no rust corrosion: The shot blasting technology of the steel structure with eight nozzles meets the Sa2.5 standard.
The best anti-rust function: the surface is sprayed with anti-rust primer to ensure the quality of the steel structure.
Purlin: It is used to support the roof steel plate and provide lateral support to the steel beam. It adopts a C-shaped section and a continuous span scheme to provide the owner with a more economical and effective solution.
Enclosure beam: used to support the wall steel plate, with C-shaped section, which is convenient for beautifully matching with doors and windows.
Raw material: High-tensile steel plate with minimum yield strength of 3,510kg/cm2.

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