Some suggestions on building steel structure workshop

Steel structure workshop To put it bluntly, many modern factories are actually steel structure warehouses. Due to the advantages of fast construction, light weight, good seismic performance and envir

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Happy Women's Day!

#TPAHousing Wishing a very Happy Women's Day to all the women!

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Hot Roll Steel Sections Combine With Light Gauge Steel Framing(LGS)  Steel Structure Prefab Home

Speed Stable Stronge Steel Structure Prefab Home 1) Main steel frame: H beam, H column(Hot rolled steel sections) 2) Sub-steel frame: Light gauge steel(LGS) 3) Wallboard: Prefabricated panel(cement

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Steel structure size and welding construction points

The welding quality of steel structures is affected by the skills of the welders. One is their own technical ability, and the other is the overall quality of the welders. Only with good skills and a

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Steel structure, support setting and settlement control points

Most of the steel structure buildings are installed at high altitude. When bulk loading, it is necessary to ensure that the support is firm to ensure the safety and stability of the construction. Ge

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