3000 ㎡ steel structure workshop

3000 ㎡ steel structure workshop
3000 ㎡ steel structure workshop
3000 ㎡ steel structure workshop
3000 ㎡ steel structure workshop

Area: 3000 square meters
Weight: 400 tons
Wind resistance: 130km/h.
Anti-seismic: 8 grade
Roof dead load: 25kg/㎡
Roof live load: 40kg/㎡

With the development of the economy, China's infrastructure construction improves a lot.Some highways, high-speed rail, and other steel structure related projects are increasing day by day. It accelerating economic development and facilitating our lives.

After the epidemic, everything in China returned quickly to normal, we finalized this steel structure workshop order with our client and focus on steel structure processing and construction immediately. 

The steel structure workshop project is for processing the reinforcement bars for a new highway. This whole project used about 400 tons steel. As it is a local project, we are not only responsible for production but also installation. 

We considered that the construction has strict procedure requirements for welding, our engineering department optimized the original structure design. On the premise of ensuring the safety and beauty of the structure, the on-site welding operation is changed to bolt connection, which reduces the difficulty of steel structure installation and acceptance.
Even this project is more complicated and requires more accuracy, the steel structure installation is also can proceed smoothly because we have a skillful installation team, they have more than 10 years of steel structure installation experience, so they can quickly read the drawings and check the details. It can be said that they knows well the ideas of our engineer.

Installtion process:


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